Changing The Face of Silicon Valley

Theresia Gouw is reshaping the narrative and voice of Silicon Valley. Reframing a situation to focus on what’s within her control is one of Theresia’s internal crown jewels, and a skill that’s available to everyone.

The power of role models is real and important.

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Theresia Gouw

  • Financial Services
  • Acrew Capital, Founding Partner

Quick Fact

  • Has been recognized 8 times on the Forbes Midas List as one of the “world’s smartest tech investors”.

Theresia Gouw is a founder and partner at Acrew Capital. During her career, Theresia has helped finance and support some of the most successful companies of our time, including Facebook, Trulia, Hotel Tonight, Forescout, Imperva, Astro, LearnVest, Jasper Design, and Kosmix. 

Theresia Gouw was often the only woman in the room when she arrived in Silicon Valley, and she faced biases she could not control. Her ability to focus on the elements she could control, like preparation and hard work, was a key to shifting the gender narrative inside the industry. 

Theresia was named to Forbes’ 100 Most Powerful Women list. She was named one of the 40 most influential minds in tech by Time Magazine. She is widely considered an expert in cybersecurity. 

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