When everyone else is running away, that’s typically my signal to run in.

Cindy Eckert


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The fundamental belief that something good is about to happen.

Optimism is part of your psychological framework and the lens through which you see the world. This is a mindset skill that you can train and improve. 

on optimism

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Embracing Failure

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The Inherent Belief That People Are Good

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Reframing Moments

Optimists generally approach life with an upbeat outlook and go into situations with high expectations. They tend to believe misfortune is a temporary setback or challenge. They recognize that things won’t always go as planned but they don’t spend energy anticipating negative outcomes. Building a psychological framework starts with your outlook on life. There’s no better place to start than with optimism.

While there is no single thread that cuts across all world-leading performers, a vast majority of those who excel on the world’s stage hold a fundamental belief that things work out for her or him. It sounds ridiculous to even consider having a belief system that stuff doesn’t work out.  That’s not part of the lexicon for the best-of-the-best. It’s not that they don’t think about what could go wrong, but they don’t entertain those story-lines long enough to make them part of their psychological framework, part of their belief system. As a general theme, they are fundamentally optimistic about what’s right around the corner.

How To Begin Training


Each morning, make a commitment to explore “what’s good.” Then at the end of the day, jot down some notes on what made it “good.”


Share those insights with other people in your inner circle.


When you find yourself in a challenging situation, work to find the opportunities that are imbedded in it. 

to ask yourself

What’s something that has been challenging you recently, and how could you reframe thinking about it to find the opportunity in it?

How well do you adjust when you are pushing toward the edge of your potential?

Do you believe that you can become your very best by being a cynic or a pessimist? Exactly!  Start doubling down on being a grounded-realistic-optimist. 🙂

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