Being confident in who you are is something that is I think practiced over time…You make mistakes, you get up, you do it again…

Meryl Farr


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The quiet knowing that you have what it takes.

Most people think that confidence comes from past success. Yet, research points us in a different direction. Confidence comes from one place: what you say to yourself. Credible Self-talk.

on confidence

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How To Walk Into A Room

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Becoming A CEO

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Having The Courage To Say What's True

Self talk is 100% under your control. There is no magic, no shortcuts here. It begins with a fundamental commitment to upgrade your narrative; to choose thoughts that will help build the belief system that you are capable of being exactly the person you want to be.

To begin, pay attention to your inner narrative — your dialogue with yourself about what you’re capable of. Identify both credible and productive thought patterns. Is your dialogue (in psychological speak positive or negative self-talk) helping or hurting your confidence?  If your narrative is serving you well, nice work. Keep it rollin’. If your dialogue isn’t helping you be the person you want to be, “flip the script” and commit to a realistic and productive line of thinking. It’s really that simple, yet can take a lifetime to master. 

How To Begin Training


Identify your unique thought patterns that help you build confidence (write them out).


Identify thought patterns that don’t really work for you. (write those out too).


Commit to “flipping the script” when you recognize the thought patterns that are no longer serving you.

to ask yourself

What’s one word that describes you when you’re feeling most confident?

What is one negative thought that gets in your way most often? Is it a fact? Is it true 100% of the time? What would be a more productive thought to have instead?

What challenges have you faced in your life that have helped you earn the right to “go for it”?

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