Leveling the Playing Field in Healthcare

Cindy Eckert built a billion dollar healthcare company that shifted a cultural narrative about women and sexuality . Explore the power of dedication, passion and purpose in the pursuit of big ideas.

If there’s a rule that exists for no reason at all other than a societal narrative, I will break it.

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Cindy Eckert

  • Health and Wellness
  • Pink Ceiling, CEO

Quick Fact

  • Has had a thriving 24-year career in healthcare.

Cindy Eckert is a self-made serial entrepreneur and vocal advocate for women. In the past ten years, Cindy has founded and sold two pharmaceutical businesses for more than $1.5B. 

Battling gender bias in the healthcare industry, Cindy took on the FDA – and won – to get approval of the first ever drug for low sexual desire in women, dubbed the “female Viagra” by the media. Cindy successfully fought to get the company back after her billion dollar exit to launch it on her own terms.

Cindy’s company, The Pink Ceiling, champions the interests of women through its “Pinkubator”, providing funding and mentoring to help female entrepreneurs break through the “pink ceiling.”

Cindy has been featured in Entrepreneur, Inc., Forbes, Fortune and Vanity Fair.

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