Breaking The Beauty Mold

Listen to how Cashmere Nicole built a beauty brand on the foundation of honesty and resilience.

Honestly is where a lot of your growth lies.

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Cashmere Nicole

  • Retail
  • Beauty Bakerie, CEO and Founder

Quick Fact

  • According to Nicole, her company, Beauty Bakerie, is now valued at $40 million after a $3 million investment from Unilever


Cashmere Nicole decided to build her beauty company (Beauty Bakerie) using vegan, non-toxic and cruelty-free ingredients in her makeup products after surviving treatment for breast cancer, building them to last and give people back time during their day for the moments that matter.

She began as a young entrepreneur, some of her earliest businesses starting around the age of 9. Around the age of 14, she was pitching ideas to Boards of Directors and waiting patiently to hear back from them.

In early development of Beauty Bakerie, she launched a Kickstarter campaign to nominal success. But when Beyonce featured Cashmere’s story on her website, her company took off. Now Beauty Bakerie has a cult following. The company counts Olympic gold medalist Gabby Douglas as a partner, and consumer-goods giant Unilever as an investor. 

Beauty Bakerie and Cashmere have been featured/recgonized by Essence, Teen Vogue, Allure,, and former First Lady Michelle Obama.

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