Explore the Mindset of Women Who Are Breaking Barriers

Browse below to understand how nine exceptional business leaders organize their inner lives to flourish in their professional lives.

Fighting Bias in Artificial Intelligence
Disruptive Technologies
Shaping Cultural Conversations Across The Globe
Media & Communications
Challenging Stereotypes in Farming
Transforming Financial Systems by Building Trust
Financial Services
Breaking the Beauty Mold
Leveling The Playing Field In Healthcare
Changing The Face Of Silicon Valley
Financial Services
Kindness as a Driver for Innovation
Spring, 2020

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Do you have
The Mindset of
A Disruptor?

Do you have the
Mindset of A Dis

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The Disruptor Mindset: Decoded

The Dis
ruptor Mindset: Decoded

How They Did It

Through these interviews, Dr. Gervais set out to uncover the psychological frameworks that have helped these leaders surpass expectations within their companies, rewrite the narratives in their industries and inspire positive change in the world.

Psychological framework is another way saying the way you make sense of the world around you. Having a framework that is open and directed is essential to training the mental skills that assist you in performing at your best.

Below are the mindset skills and self-discovery tools that Dr. Gervais has found that have enabled these disruptive innovators to blaze new trails. These are skills that, with practice, will help you show up and perform at your highest potential in, not only your career, but any environment.

Your host

Meet Dr. Michael Gervais

Dr. Gervais, the world’s leading performance psychologist, has spent the past two decades working in the trenches with the world’s top athletes, artists, explorers and Fortune 100. CEOs. His life pursuit is to understand and then share the psychology of those who shift the narrative of human potential.  He is the host of the Finding Mastery podcast and co-founder of Compete To Create– online platforms designed to help people apply those same insights and practices to pursue their own potential. Gervais has been with the NFL’s Seattle Seahawks for the past 7 years and is co-creator, with Coach Pete Carroll, of the Performance Science Institute at the USC Marshall School of Business.



Decoding Disruptors celebrates nine business leaders who are disrupting their companies and industries, while inspiring positive change in the world. Anchored in the belief that mindset is the foundation of transformative company cultures and success, renowned high performance psychologist, Dr. Michael Gervais, explores the psychology of women who break barriers.
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